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Get Free Moving Quotes Now!AskDonkey was founded in 2009 after research revealed that a definite need existed for a quality leads provider for South African furniture removal companies. From the start the aim of AskDonkey has been to assist South African moving companies with leads at affordable rates.

A second motivation behind AskDonkey was the massive amount of online searches for assistance with furniture moving or to compare removal companies. It was clear that South Africans needed a one stop website where they can supply all their removal requirements in one go without the hassle of completing numerous inventory lists from different removal firms.

After a few expensive lessons in website development, AskDonkey.co.za, finally came to life on 01 April 2010. It started off with only 3 listed relocation companies, but as the monthly quantity of leads increased, so the number of moving companies grew. Currently AskDonkey provides leads to roughly 25 - 30 relocation companies based all over South Africa on a daily basis.

Each moving company on AskDonkey-Removals has the option to select the routes on which they want to supply removal quotes: some only operate on one route and others provide removal services on all available routes across South Africa. As the monthly demand for quotations increase, so the number of removal companies increase. At present, the moving companies on AskDonkey are evenly spread between middle to upper class removers for large homes or offices, to smaller and cheaper movers available to the lower end of the market.

How AskDonkey-Removals work:

We provide a user friendly experience and deliver a free, no obligation service to anyone in need of a furniture moving company. You can fill in your removal requirements in 3 easy steps.

  • The process starts on the Home page, where the relevant provinces are selected. This is Step 1;
  • Step 2 asks for contact information, moving date, address details and more info relating to access to the properties, etc;
  • Step 3 provides an inventory list for completion, where after you can GET QUOTATIONS.

AskDonkey is automated and quotation requests are received in real time. In other words, as soon as you submit your removal requirements in Step 3, the information immediately goes out to all relevant moving companies; there is no delay. Most of our moving companies will respond with a quote within a few hours, although our suggested response time is 24 hours.

We provide a fast and easy solution in finding the best furniture removal quotation to suit your individual needs and most importantly, to fit your budget.

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