Matshox Transport

Matshox Transport - Moving CompanyMatshox Transport has in the past 3 years of existence managed to create a good track record through its renown excellent and quality service delivery.

Many goods delivered by general unprofessional transporters result in damages which never get replaced. Matshox Transport offers its customers peace of mind while transporting their goods by high level of cautiousness and care while handling the goods as well having free goods in transit insurance to cater for situations that may go out of hand due to unforeseen circumstances.

Matshox Transport maintains a culture of excellence which is achieved through systems which have been placed to enforce the above listed values from our staff members as well as systems to manage a high level of customer satisfaction.

If you need a reliable and professional moving company to assist you with:

  • Packing
  • Wrapping your furniture, dismantling it and reassembling it if there is a need.
  • And safely transporting your furniture to your new home or office
  • From or to Limpopo

“Eliminating the hassle in moving your goods.”


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