Moving Checklist

Moving house is generally rated as one of life's most stressful events and this daunting task can arguably be rated shortly after death of a loved one and divorce. It is therefore extremely important to plan your move well. Luckily for you, AskDonkey is here to help you carry the load!


  1. Get your inventory list ready.
  2. Request moving quotations from reputable moving companies by making use of our free service. You will then be able to compare prices in less than 24 hours.
  3. Do not only compare quoted prices; carefully read the terms & conditions and make sure that the quote provided includes all the moving services that you require. Read our Moving Tips for more advice on how to select a furniture mover.
  4. Collect packaging materials such as boxes, tape, labels, newspaper, bubble wrap, etc. Make sure you have more than enough boxes, leaving approximately 10 boxes empty for last minute packing on moving day for items such as bedding, clothing and cleaning supplies.
  5. Enquire from your mover or packaging supplier about the cost of hanger boxes, for clothing that needs to remain hanging. These boxes are also very useful for larger items like pillows, blankets or children’s soft toys.
  6. Read our Packing Tips to find out more on how to pack for a move. We have wonderful tips for colour coding and more.
  7. Do not pack away your credit card or cheque book. Keep this in the “Moving Day Box” or “Personal belongings box”.
  8. Pack all of your instruction manuals and remote controls of electronics in one box and label it clearly. Keep this handy as it might be needed when the satellite dish or electronics are installed.
  9. Keep your toolbox handy. Do not pack this away too soon as you will almost definitely need it on moving day.
  10. Clean anything possible ahead of time and if you have to clean the old house before the new owners / tenants move in, keep a cleaning kit aside for this purpose. Also leave a roll of toilet paper at the old house for the new owners / tenants.
  11. If your furniture and goods are going into storage, be sure not to pack away important documents such as birth certificates, identity documents, passports, driver’s licenses, etc. Keep this with you.
  12. Boxes going into storage can be waterproofed by placing them in thick plastic covers. Enquire about this through your packaging supplier or the removal company. Remember that plastic can keep water out, but also holds moisture in.
  13. Wrap paintings, mirrors, picture frames and other fragile items with bubble wrap if this service is not included in your final quote.
  14. Larger items such as couches, beds, mattresses, etc ideally have to be wrapped with plastic covers / bags to protect against possible damage. At the least with blankets. Arrange this with your mover.
  15. Avoid newspaper with ink as this might leave permanent stains. Enquire about the cost of newspaper without ink from your packaging supplier or moving company.
  16. Use pillows and other linens to line the top and bottom of boxes containing fragile items.
  17. Undo all appliance connections such as washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators with water / ice dispensers a day before moving day, allowing water to flow out of the pipes.

Be sure to read our Moving Tips and Packing Tips for additional information on how to optimally pack your boxes and how to plan for your move. Please also feel free to share any furniture moving tips of your own by sending us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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