Orange Rehomers

orange rehomers moving companyOrange Rehomers came about as a result of us seeing a gap in the market for a small removals and transport operator. Our vehicles are complex friendly, cheaper to run than small trucks, and far more convenient than renting a trailer.

Our vehicles are allowed access into 99% of all office parks and residential complexes as we do not use big, heavy trucks, but ecomical diesel powered vans, thereby saving you money and time.

We specialise in 1 and 2 bedroom townhouse removals as well as adhoc secure deliveries. Orange Rehomers is a family business aimed at easing frustration and risk out of small moves. Too often companies send large trucks to move a bachelor flat amount of goods.

Alternatively you rent a trailer and have the hassle of labour, loading, driving back and forth. We take that hassle away and mostly come in cheaper than you think possible. 

Our transport services include:

    • Motorcycles
    • Four wheelers
    • Deliveries
    • Office removals
    • Student moves
    • Storage unit cleanouts
    • Garage cleanouts
    • Bike servicing and washing transporation
    • Flat pack furniture delivery and assembly
    • Bachelor, one and two bedroom removals

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